Friday, 6 November 2009

This is my first post on my Suzuki A100 blog which as the name sugguests is going to be about mainly my Suzuki A100 which i do class as a rare find nower days more so in the condiction the one i have is in. Just thought i would set up it's very own blog so here it is, and hopefully some people with other A100 will read this and get in touch because i would really love to have an idea of how many they are out there in work condiction i think thats it for now so yeah just thought i would give an idea of what this is about ^^

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  1. this is awesome. i would love to know where you got your parts. i need a cluch and gass tank for mine. mine is a difernt color though. mine is red. i have been trying to rebuild mine. my dad had it when he was in high school way back when and i would love to get it working again. last i had mine running was about two years ago. thats when i found out that the gass tank was rusting out from the inside and that there wasn't a lot of cluch left. one day a long time ago when it was still running good the nut on the flywheel flew off and broke the flywheel cover. so thats an other thing that i need. i think that its awesome that you drive your around still. i would love to do the same with mine some day.